Monday, November 20, 2006

The family taking a hike at Lost Creek State Park. Eden led the way.

Eden learning how to crawl.

Enjoying her snack time.

Diving into her toy chest.

Eden watching her favorite cartoons.

Eden's first Halloween. She made a very fierce pirate. Arrrh!!

Eden at 6-9 months of age. New experiences included: eating Gerber, going on a sheep ride, and hugging cats.

Eden between 4 & 6 months. First time riding a horse.

Little Eden's life at 1,2, & 3 months.

First entry

We are finally doing what the family has been requesting by sharing the photos of Eden that we've horded for months (10 and 1/2 to be exact). Now hopefully my mother and my husband's sister will not feel so neglected and seperated from Eden's world.