Thursday, November 5, 2009

Outside play

Eden making me cakes and tea out of sand.

"Doggie Pile"

Our weather improved this week and so we are spending as much time out of doors before we get another cold spell.

Halloween 2009

Eden was so excited to be Tinkerbell for Halloween. She and her friend dressed up in their costumes for the whole day and convinced me that Corban should be in his as well. We trick-or-treated the entire town and it took quite awhile since in a town this small you don't just knock at the door and get candy, you socialize as well. At each door we were invited in to chat or eat cake or chili.

Corban was thrilled with Halloween. He loved digging out the innards of the pumpkin, much more than Eden did. The mohawk hairstyle was of his own making. I guess he had to do something to distinguish himself since he didn't have a bow to ware.