Thursday, November 5, 2009

Outside play

Eden making me cakes and tea out of sand.

"Doggie Pile"

Our weather improved this week and so we are spending as much time out of doors before we get another cold spell.

Halloween 2009

Eden was so excited to be Tinkerbell for Halloween. She and her friend dressed up in their costumes for the whole day and convinced me that Corban should be in his as well. We trick-or-treated the entire town and it took quite awhile since in a town this small you don't just knock at the door and get candy, you socialize as well. At each door we were invited in to chat or eat cake or chili.

Corban was thrilled with Halloween. He loved digging out the innards of the pumpkin, much more than Eden did. The mohawk hairstyle was of his own making. I guess he had to do something to distinguish himself since he didn't have a bow to ware.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Yet Another Pet

This is Chloe. She just joined our family as Ruth's new dog. She is 3/4 Corgi 1/4 Miniature Australian Shepherd. She is just about the same size as the kittens. She has already learned to appreciate time off from the kids by hiding in her kennel.

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Family Members

We got two new kitties this last week. We decided after seeing a few mice having free run of the house that we really needed some. Eden named them Charlie and Lola. As you can see they get plenty of love.

Corban's new hobby

It is starting to look like the cooking and love of the kitchen gene is continuing in the male line. Corban has taken to "helping" Alma with dinner and he refuses to be excluded from the action. He will push a chair clear across the kitchen in order to climb up and help. Don't worry, the stove isn't hot in the photo. Notice he eats a lot while cooking.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eden's Summer

We had a very busy summer. We traveled to Colorado, Idaho and Utah to visit family. We brought our horses to Montana ( we now have 5 ). And we moved into a big house with some acres for our horses. On top of all this Alma had his own schooling to work on as well as helping to cut hay for some friends. I took on a job sanding and refinishing cabinets.

Corban's Summer

Corban had an exciting summer. He had a few 1st: his 1st horseback ride, 1st goat lick, 1st tractor ride, 1st time in giant sandbox, 1st birthday.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Eden's Exploits

Adventure's of Corban

Family hiking

We went for a family hike close to Denton. Eden insisted on carrying the backpack herself so I was left with just the camera to lug on the trail. She and Corban both enjoyed it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I liked these photos because I think it looks like he is singing while driving when in reality he's just stationary in front of the apartment.

Corban's daily pursuits




I wish!!!!

Eden's daily pursuits

Duncan's uses

Duncan being a pillow and warmer for the cats.
Duncan being Sir Duncan at a tea party.

Duncan taking the father role during pretend house.