Friday, December 3, 2010

Puppy Overload

I've had a major puppy overload this month. I have been taking care of my sisters puppy for her for 3 weeks until she can come pick it up. On top of that some puppies from the neighbors have started coming over to my place for food. I thought that I had a massive racoon invashion everynight breaking into my cat food and trash. I spent countless hours coming up with ways to feed the cats and not the local wildlife. It turns out that it is 12 starving pups and their mother. The mother is really old and should not have been able to have any puppies but miraculously had 12. Now she cannot feed them all and the owner cannot afford to feed any of them so I started to dump some food on the ground by the barn. They are going to be giant dogs because the scoundrel father was a Great Pyrenees. I called all the local shelters that I can find and none can take any so I'm still searching for a solution to this problem. We have already agreed to let Corban and Eden each pick one to keep and my mother has also agreed to take one but that still leaves 9 more. ANYONE WANT A PUPPY?


Erin said...

RUTH!! Have you called puppy life line?? They are in Brighton (I think) and they take litters from surrounding areas and adopt them out. Our dog was from there, her litter came from New Mexico. Worth a shot!!

if they can't or wont take them, maybe they have resources to help you!


Lexi and Jordan said...

A Great Pyrenees? Wow! Those are huge dogs. They seem so nice, but would probably eat way too much for most families to afford.